Transition to School Program

(4 years – 5 years)

Statistics show that than one in five Australian children are starting school with a developmental vulnerability. With this in mind, a school readiness program is the vital step between the EYLF and the primary school classroom.

Whilst Mini-Skool” Learning Possibilities” program provides children with essential skills from the day when they first walk through the doors of Mini-Skool, the last year of preschool is used to polish in on these skills. Small-group teaching, independent play in an organised environment and whole-group activities help children to acquire skills to hop, skip, and jump into kindergarten.

Our programs are delivered by fully qualified teachers who are skilled in maximising learning outcomes for children. Our aim is to ensure that each and every child is fully prepared for school and life beyond.

We help children become school-ready through:

  • A comprehensive curriculum
  • Stimulating environments
  • Qualified teachers and educators
  • A focus on social-emotional development
  • A fun, play-based learning approach that engages active young minds

Mini Skool Kindergarten Transition to School Program Croydon

Our school readiness program encourages the children to be socially and emotionally ready to make the transition to primary school. Our school readiness program covers the following:

  • Encouraging self-help skills, such as hygienic toileting, being responsible for own belongings, self-serving meals and dressing.
  • Being able to separate from parents/ families, waving goodbye and beginning the day relaxed, comfortable and happy. 
  • Encouraging positive learning relationships with other children and educators. This involves learning to be respectful to one another and engaging in positive conversations as well as being confident in asking questions, asking for assistance and sharing opinions.
  • Being able to engage in group learning experiences and take direction from educators.
  • Engaging in learning experiences with others and initiating own choices of activities.
  • Be able to ask for help and ask questions whenever necessary.
  • Listening to and following instructions.
  • Handle change in an emotionally secure manner (this includes handling separation anxiety).
  • Have good eye-hand coordination skills (handling a scissor, correct pencil grip and using a ruler).

Our school readiness program also encourages learning skills, including:

  • Daily alphabet and sound recognition.
  • Recognition of days of the week, months in the year and the seasons.
  • Multicultural greetings- hello from different places around the world. 
  • Name recognition.
  • Shape recognition
  • Colours and counting.
  • Exploration of different concepts through science. 
  • The use of the interactive smart board.

Mini Skool Preschool Program

School Readiness Folders

School Readiness folders maintain a record of the progress made by the children. This can be accessed by the children, their teachers and, importantly, their families. It can be used in the transition between school and home and allows children to practice their important work in both environments.

Mini-Skool children participating in the School Readiness Program go on excursions to local primary schools which allows them to become familiar with what will be their kindergarten environment.

The children have ‘lunch box days’ and ‘school uniform dress up days’ which are always an exciting way to prepare for ‘big school’.

Graduates of Mini-Skool often come in to talk to our School Readiness children about what big school is like.  We also read many stories about starting school.

During this time, we work closely with our Mini-Skool families to ensure that there is consistency between home and the centre. This allows for everyone to prepare for school life. We have one-on-one meetings with families as well as information evenings.

Kindergarten teachers from local schools are invited to our information sessions to field any questions from prospective parents.