Mini Skool Childcare Educators

We have an amazing team of experienced, qualified, dedicated, friendly and compassionate educators here at Mini-Skool. We stand behind them and we are exceedingly proud of everything they bring to the Mini-Skool.   Information about our educators is displayed in the foyer which includes their name, qualification and group/s of children they work with.

  • Nicola , Nursery


    Nicola educates Mini-Skool nursery children. She is a passionate, experienced and dedicated educator who is working towards her Diploma in Early Childhood education. Nicola has a passion to make a real difference in the lives of young children. 

    Nicola’s Philosophy
    I believe that children from birth to 5 years of age are continuously expanding their knowledge and developmental learning through play. I feel that we should be giving the children choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their learning daily. Children learn through investigation, exploring and repetition. During their play they use their 5 senses such as hearing, tasting, touching, seeing and smell. I believe and feel that sound is a very important aspect of the early learning environment. Sound teaches children different things in different ways. It can teach children how to build their social interactions. It is a way for the children to express themselves verbally and non-verbally. I believe that every child is or can be a Mozart at heart and can be creative in their own desired style. 

    I aim to provide a loving, caring, safe and home-like environment that is welcoming, warm and inclusive of all cultures, nationalities, abilities, and family situations. I believe an environment where children, parents, families and educators feel safe, secure, respected, supported and comfortable to approach myself and each other to contribute to the room, service and community, Where partnerships and friendships can be formed and maintained, lines of communication are always open and valued, help can be seeded and sourced without judgement being cast, trust and credibility can be built, maintained and grow, and confidentiality is held in the utmost respect. A service that commits to providing high-quality care and education and one that will continue to reflect upon its practices and beliefs to reflect the current needs of the community.

  • Yasmin, Toddlers


    Yasmin is an experienced Diploma qualified educator who leads the Toddler Room.  Yasmin is committed to her role and passionate about children’s learning and wellbeing. She is an enthusiastic individual with a caring, nurturing personality; perfect for working with children in their early years. Her future goal is to study Early Childhood Teaching Degree through correspondence.

    Yasmin’s Philosophy
    I believe that each child is an individual and no two children exhibit the same traits, as an educator it is paramount to me that children are supported individually and their learning styles are taken into consideration when providing education and care. By engaging with and observing children, I endeavour to specialize in the program and planning to suit each child’s needs. I value each child’s voice, thoughts and actions and use these to extend their knowledge and learning.

    I believe children learn through play, it is important to provide children with learning spaces which are open-ended, aesthetically pleasing and inviting. These learning areas will provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and imagine. Through my learning spaces and program, I will ensure that each child’s culture is highlighted and celebrated, teaching children about diversity and setting them up to be culturally competent for their future endeavours.

    I consider families a vital part of a child’s life, I will always consult with families when it comes to each child’s individual needs and ensures I relate to their micro-worlds when creating safe spaces for children to be in. Through these beliefs and practices, I aim to create a space that allows children to belong and become as they emerge into the next stages of life.

  • Carmela, Preschool Room


    Carmela obtained her Bachelor of Education (Birth-5 years) in 2019.  She is a dedicated educator and love working with families, children, educators and the community in creating a service that nurtures children’s development and curiosity. Throughout her professional years, she has maintained her values in positive relationships with families, educators and children and endeavour to continue being a positive role model for the team, children and families at Mini-Skool, Croydon.

    Carmela strives to provide a positive learning environment for both children and educators as we all continue to grow and learn.

    Carmela’s Philosophy
    Early childhood theorist Albert Bandura believed that children’s learning is gradual and continuous, he emphasises that learning is through environment not hereditary. I believe in creating learning environments that support an ongoing culture of sustainability, inclusion and diversity, connections and embracing their cognitive process in developing a positive sense of self, community and wonder. I believe holistic learning occurs when children and adults work in partnership, respecting each other’s values and beliefs. As an advocate for children’s learning, my motivation for teaching is observing how children learn through hands-on experiences and providing children with resources and natural elements that ignites their imagination and developmental milestones. I believe when children play and explore their imagination and curiosity is sparked. My mission is to continue building relationships and maintaining a positive high-quality learning environment for educators, children and families to learn and grow.

  • Yosa, Preschool Room


    Yosra is working towards her Early Childhood Teachers degree and leads the Pre-School room at Mini-Skool. Yosra has been in Early childhood education for over 15 years, caring for and educating our little ones. She has a strong belief in the importance of giving children the best start to life through interactive, stimulating education that develops their self-worth and self-esteem. Yosra strongly believes in promoting and encouraging children’s imaginations and creativity through shared experiences..

    Yorsa’s Philosophy
    I believe that in a child care setting education, all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. I desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I believe all children are entitled to equal opportunity. We openly discuss each other's culture and respect this by celebrating, role modelling and displaying cultural practices.

    I believe every child to grow and reach their full potential as an educator we have to recognized and mould their little hearts and shapes their future in early crucial age. It is my belief through education and support children will achieve their milestones to build their life which is full of success and prosperity. I believe that educators must ensure that learning takes place in a safe, open and supportive environment. And we keep building our relationships with our families and community.

  • Marissa, Preschool Room


    Marissa is currently studying her Diploma in Early Childhood. She is passionate about sharing music and cooking skills with children as these aspects are an important part of her upbringing. She has a strong desire to ensure that all aspects of wellbeing are met for children for them to become their best selves. Marissa enjoys playing soccer, piano and training in recreational gymnastics. Marissa educates the pre-schoolers at Mini-Skool.

    Marissa’s Philosophy
    I believe that children learn through play with the guidance of educators who motivate and encourage children to be their best selves.   All activities provided for children should allow them to have fun and develop social, emotional, physical and creative skills. Play is important to young children as physical and social skills grow, play helps build confidence, develop language and communication skills and caring for peers and the environment. Planned activities such as music, cooking, science experiments, numeracy and literacy help enhance cognitive skills and I believe that through strong relationships with children and communication that a child’s wellbeing can be met through a balance of these skills.

  • Aliva ,


    Aliva is originally from Nepal and commenced with Mini-Skool since 2018. Aliva is very passionate and caring towards working with children and will ensure that your children are shown all the love, care and protection.

    Aliva’s Philosophy
    I believe that each child is a unique individual. Children should be cared for and guided in a way that suits their individual needs. I would like to help children grow in their self-confidence and independence. I believe that children learn through play, providing them with a range of opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and imagine through their play in their environment. Their environment also plays a major role as it should enhance the children’s interests in all developmental domains. I believe in actively demonstrating each child’s culture and a diverse range of values and beliefs through the program and environment. I am committed to working in partnerships with families to create open, honest, and respectful relationships as well as respecting families cultures and communities. Through these beliefs and practices, I aim to create a nurturing environment and a space that will allow children to feel a sense of belonging while being confident and independent as they emerge into the next stages of their lives.

  • Ran,


    Ran is a dedicated and very passionate Diploma trained educator. Ran joined Mini-Skool in 2017 as a trainee and since then has fallen for the Mini-Skool family-friendly atmosphere. She works across all rooms and is a much-loved educator to all the Mini-Skool children and families.

    Ran’s Philosophy
    I believe Early Childhood is a period to develop their unlimited creativity. Children have a unique mind and a point of view for this world and those are expanding every single day. Thus, educators need to encourage them to express themselves through meaningful activities. The connection with the environment is where children learn respect for nature and discover their world. It is a key element in early childhood as there are a lot of things that only nature can teach to children. They should be provided with opportunities to interact with nature in various ways on daily basis. I believe confidence in themselves is linked with a better transition to school, it is built by successful experiences and when children gain confidence, they can explore, investigate and challenge.  It requires a great deal of courage for children to try new things so that educators should take adequate time and identify the appropriate experiences for each individual.    

  • Hong,


    Hong is originally from China and has been living in Australia for the past 16 years. She is the mother of a lovely boy and very passionate about children. Hong has obtained her Certificate III of Children Education care and Services and has almost 12 years of experience working with children.

    Hong’s Philosophy
    My philosophy about working with children is inspired by Mildred Parten’s approach to the “Stages of Play” and Reggio Emilia’s approach of teaching children to be sustainable. I strongly believe that my experience and knowledge can make a big contribution to each child I care for. Every day, I aspire to learn from young children and endeavour to work with families. I believe that each child should be treated as an individual and are treated equally and with respect. I believe children should learn and develop their skills in a positive manner and an inspiring environment. I believe children learn best through play, where they can make their own choices, use their ideas and where they can make mistakes. I believe in intentional teaching and guiding the children in their play, learning and development. I believe in partnerships and building strong relationships with families. I believe in working in collaboration with families.

  • Mary, Centre Cook


    Mary is a lovely individual with a beautiful smile and a nurturing personality. Mary holds a current Certificate III in Children’s Services and a food handling certificate. She has long held experience working in both home- based and centre based care for young children. At Mini-Skool Mary enjoys cooking delicious and nutritious meals for our youngsters.

    Mary’s Philosophy
    I am extremely passionate about children’s nutrition and sparking their interest in food-related experiences. I believe that children with an early introduction of good and healthy eating habits will live life well in corporations with regular physical activities. Whether I am writing up a new menu or trying a new dish, cooking is my passion. It brings me endless joy and satisfaction when I see children contentiously eating their meal. Nothing makes me happier than try something new and different for our beautiful children and see them having an absolute ball with their meal.

    I am also the founder of the “Cooking Club” for those who are interested in learning the names of different sorts of vegetables or fruits that go into their plates. On my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book, going out to dinner, movies and trying out new recipes.