Mini-Skool’s History

Munira Rayan is the founder of Mini-Skool. She is a Sydney mum of three who holds dual postgraduate degrees in Accounting and Finance and a life-long passion for childcare and education. Drawing on her background as a working mum with three young children, she was dismayed by the lack of childcare options that provided a nurturing, individualised educational experience.

Munira felt that there had to be a better way to approach early learning and care. She envisioned centres that were integral parts of the communities that they belonged to, where high quality care was on offer for children from a diverse range of backgrounds and needs. Munira developed this dream into a reality that saw Mini-Skool come to life in September 2014.

It was the goal of Mini-Skool to meet the needs of each and every child – providing additional support where required and building a relationship of trust and respect.

Murira’s dream of the perfect childcare is now the reality of Mini-Skool. It is a home away from home for our Mini ones – built on the foundations of love, care and education.

Mini Skool Childcare History Croydon