Nursery Program

(6 weeks – 2 years)

Learning begins at birth. This is why we create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in our nursery. Mini-Skool babies grow into curious, confident and able learners through nourishment of warm, consistent, loving care. This helps them form secure attachments to their caregivers and helps them become able to develop relationships.

This idea of relationship development is crucial to our philosophy. Healthy social and emotional interactions, language acquisition, body awareness and motor development are all encouraged in a secure environment. This environment is led by routine that considers the individual needs of each child: feeding, playing, nap and hygiene.

The first two years of life are a period of rapid growth and development. Nursery children are eager and curious about the world. They use all of their senses to explore it. They love to see, hear, smell, touch and taste almost everything the find in their paths. This curiosity and sense of wonder forms part of our nursery educational process during every day learning experiences.

Mini Skool Childcare Nursery Program