Learning Environments

Mini-Skool is a converted federation home. We have a room for each year group wherein a stimulating environment, complete with federation features, is created. This assists the children to feel safe, secure and stimulated. These spaces are interactive and inviting which allows children’s minds to grow and develop.

Our Mini-Skool indoor and outdoor spaces provide:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Emotional security
  • Adequate space to grow, move and play
  • Safe risk-taking opportunities
  • Challenging experiences
  • Stimulating resources and materials that are inclusive of all needs
  • Experiences based on interests and abilities
  • Displays that are meaningful
  • Visible documentation of learning (art samples, images)

OUR educators reflect deeply on the items, places and spaces which have value for the children in the spaces where they work, sleep and play. We give children agencies and engage them in setting up the environment. We also provide children with opportunities to engage with their world in a meaningful way. When we’re choosing new equipment for the children’s spaces, we always encourage children’s thoughts and ideas. We also have them involved in planning the menu, how to store the hats and what to do with the area of the yard where the grass just won’t grow.

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