Homely Environment

We are different from other local childcare and early learning centres. Mini-Skool in Croydon is designed to be reflective of a home environment where everyone feels that they belong. Our service is built on the foundations of a converted old house and we have allowed that homely, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to influence our design.

How does our environment support our goals?

Mini-Skool is clean, spacious and safe. We have indoor and outdoor home-like play spaces that are filled with natural resources and light. This includes a sustainable garden which we bring into our curriculum as well as environments in which your child can develop their social skills or take some quiet time to relax and recharge.

There is something for everyone here and we welcome all.  Everyone is part of our Mini-Skool family and it’s a point of difference that we pride ourselves upon.


Homely childcare environment Croydon