Extra-Curricular Activities

At Mini-Skool we are constantly engaging the children in exciting and stimulating extra-curricular activities.

Weekly Music and Movement

Music is vital to life. Music and dancing are inside each child. Music experiences include moving to music, exploring and identifying sounds, exploring the singing voice, developing melody, singing songs and playing simple instruments. The musical activities help children work off excess energy, develop a love of music and become more creative!

Weekly sports program

Kidz That Move coach our children for 45 minutes per session for once a week. The Kidz That Move program offers Mini-Skool children a multi-sport weekly program. Specialising in a range of activities including: Soccer, Cricket, Dance, Athletics, Basketball, Netball, Lawn Bowls and many others.

Yoga classes

It is part of our daily routine for the children engage in yoga each day. Each yoga class is presented by the Nursery room educators.

Language Club

Many of our Educators are bilingual and enriched with the varied cultural background, from India to Italy. Each day the children read book, practice basic words and listen to songs in French, Italian, Mandarin and Indian.

Mini Skool Childcare Yoga Music Sports Cooking Language Sustainability Croydon

Mini Skool Childcare Music Lessons Croydon

Weekly cooking activities

Pre-school children also enjoy weekly cooking activities where they practice numeracy skills though weighing and measuring cooking ingredients. We also celebrate International Food Day where parents are invited to come in and cook with us.


At Mini-Skool, our children are engaged in an interactive environment to observe, discover experiment, nurture and learn.

We are continually working through the program to become more environmentally friendly and teaching the children to be aware of the environment and sustainability.

Our program also includes regular fun lessons why it’s necessary to look after the Earth, recycle and reuse, nature and engage in water conservation.

We use recycled material when is possible, only using lights and aircon when necessary and using reduced water. Children have been growing a herb garden and feeding and looking after a worm farm. We try to reduce our carbon footprint and raise awareness about caring for our environment.