We are incredibly proud of our approach to cultural inclusion at Mini-Skool. By embracing the different cultural beliefs, practices and individual needs of all of our families, we are able to create a sense of belonging for everyone who attends the centre.

We are very lucky to have a culturally diverse team who are able to work closely with families to help settle new children into care. Staff can communicate with the children and families when English is their second language.

The centre holds many events throughout the year to celebrate special occasions with children, such as Chinese New Year, NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day, Deepawali and Thanksgiving, with families providing their own knowledge and ideas.

Our program and events encourage the involvement of our families and we often invite them to share stories or do activities with children. Every month families from varied cultures will join in to read a book or talk to the children about their special culture. The educators then extend this experience with the children based on the children’s interests. In turn, various activities will be undertaken from that experience.

When children have the opportunity to engage in cultural education at an early age, it enables them to connect and contribute to their world around them, helping them to become strong members of the community.

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