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Welcome to the Mini-Skool community.

Mini-Skool is all about children and families. The Centre Owner, Director and Educators are committed to providing children and families with a co-ordinated approach to a warm, nurturing and engaging environment that celebrates diversity and the right of every child to have access to high quality education and care based on their individual needs.

Your children come first and meeting their needs is our priority. Our aim is to provide an environment where your children can grow and develop to their full potential.

As you walk through our service, you will be amazed by the distinct sense of calm, the way that the teachers interact with the children and the productive and meaningful work that children are engaged in.

Our goal is to partner with our families to facilitate and guide each child’s development. To maintain a continuity of care between home and Mini-Skool. Our educators will collaborate with you ongoingly, to gather vital information about your family’s culture and traditions, child’s routines, likes, dislikes, interest, needs and care at home. We also seek your feedback on our centre operations to ensure that we are meeting both your and your child’s needs.

A parent’s testimony about our above and beyond educators and care; “The Teachers at Mini-Skool work like a wonder to foster my child’s needs for care, education and development. The patience, consistency, support, love and care they show to my son are incomparable. When I hear compliments from family or friends about how much my boy has improved - behaviourally, emotionally and academically, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. My son has additional needs. A year and a half ago various professionals were preparing us for a school of additional needs for him. But now we are all confident that he will be attending the main stream primary school. Our special thanks go to the Pre-School teachers, it is all possible because my child had teachers like you.”

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Mini-Skool is a beautifully presented 31 place centre catering to children from birth to six years of age.

Our learning spaces are arranged based on children’s various age groups and their individual stages of learning and development. This is done in order to cater to each child’s unique needs.

The childcare centre is a converted house and has a clear home-like focus, allowing children to feel safe and comfortable in their environment. We have a beautifully laid out outdoor play area that is naturally shaded with native trees. This provides the children with a peaceful setting for their outdoor recreational activities and programs.

We offer a specialised School Readiness Program which embraces the Emergent Curriculum, focusing on the interests of the children, coupled with other leading philosophies such as Reggio Emilia and the Early Years Learning Framework. With a focus on language, literacy, numeracy, social skills and more, this is intentionally designed for your child to become ‘Big School Ready’.

At Mini-Skool we believe in a strong connection to the community and we foster community connections through regular incursions, excursions, family participation and sharing of cultural identities.

Children take part in weekly dance and music classes and a huge range of fun and exciting multi-sports program. These weekly programs, not only foster our children’s community connections but also enhance their wellbeing. This builds a foundation of Fundamental Movement Skills that will prepare them for healthy and active lifestyles. Other annual incursions include health educational programs, multi-cultural and Aboriginal performances, sports fundamentals, emergency services and science and environmental explorations.

Sometimes we enjoy taking a walk through our local community and visiting local parks and Bupa Nursing Home, just to name a few of our hotspots.

At Mini-Skool we believe in the individuality of our children and know that we are lucky to have such a multicultural centre. Our educators and families come from a variety of different backgrounds. This knowledge presents a great opportunity for children to learn about and to learn respect for different cultures, traditions, backgrounds, ethnicities and race. We want to help our children build mutually respectful relationships of trust and empathy that exists to promote the children’s well-being and sense of belonging.

At Mini-Skool we pride ourselves on giving back to our wider community. Each year we fundraise for a range of charities. These donations provide children with the opportunity to understand and contribute to the wider community.

Come and visit our centre and experience a free introductory session with your child. Take the time to view our facilities and materials, speak with our friendly staff. We will help you to feel confident about leaving your child in our care and becoming part of our family.

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