Empowering Children, Empowering Ourselves | The Mini-Skool Difference

Mini-Skool in Croydon offers your child the unique opportunity to be actively engaged in their own learning. We are committed to empowering children to be the best that they can be by being allowed to explore, question and challenge the world around them.

We combine a flexible educational model with holistic teaching to encompass the wellbeing of every child. At Mini-Skool, we deliver high quality early years education through an empowerment-driven learning model. This enables children to reach their full potential through a passionate love of learning.

We feel that early learning should be meaningful and stimulating. Our highly trained and compassionate staff are focussed on helping your child find success and enjoyment in their learning.

Empowering our Children

It is our firm belief at Mini-Skool Croydon to empower children through their learning. Childhood is about wonder, experimentation and delight. We love seeing that fostered in each and every child who we walk on the learning journey with.

What are our goals?

  • To help children become confident and capable learners at their own individual pace and in their own style
  • To support this learning through an engaging curriculum that encourages and supports active and creative exploration
  • To support children to take healthy risks in their learning
  • To help children become independent, confident and inquisitive life-long learners

Empowering Children Croydon Childcare